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Cleanup at Mt. Lock towpath
Cleanup Event

This Cleanup is part of the Potomac River Watershed Cleanup

April 13, 2019, 9:30 AM to 2:30 PM
Rain Date: April 14, 2019, 10:00 AM to 2:00 AM

This is a cleanup event for the area near Limekiln rd. overlooking the towpath and C and O canal near Mt. Lock Rd. and Limekiln Rd. intersection, a little North of milepost 68 on the towpath/canal, There is a parking area at the "bus turnaround" on Limekiln Rd. nearest the cleanup site, and another area to park at the entrance to the canal on Mt. Lock Rd.

There was a cleanup event at this site in April, 2018. the site, midway between Milepost 68 and 69 on the towpath of the C and O canal, has historically been used as a dumping area. We removed over 100 tires and assorted furniture and trash, which filled a couple of dump trucks supplied by the Washington Co. government. This year we would like to finish the job. There is some new debris and remnants of stuff on the hill we didn't have time/people power to collect last year.

Mt. Lock
Also known as 'Limekiln rd.'

Site Type

River (Active since 2018?)


County: Washington

State: Maryland

Zip: 21782

Nearest City: Sharpsburg

GPS Coordinates: 39.387612, -77.732788


Directions: Parking for the site is on Limekiln rd. off of Harper's Ferry rd. and is located at approximately mile 67 on the towpath, and also at the bus turnaround, which is about a mile north, a little north of milepost 68. From rt 340 out of Frederick, take Harpers Ferry Rd. north. just before the bridge to Harpers Ferry, WV. You will pass the entrance to Dargan's Bend on the C and O Canal, which has boat access and a large paved parking area with bathrooms. Stay on Harpers Ferry rd. north towards Sharpsburg. Turn left onto Limekiln rd. towards the river. There is a sharp bend in the road to the right approx. 1/2 mile (North) at the parking area, which is not paved. There is no signage. This is approximately mile 67 on the canal. The Mt. Lock lockhouse is a few hundred yards south of this lot. THE CLEANUP SITE IS A LITTLE NORTH OF MILEPOST 68, a 25 minute walk depending on your pace, 10 minute bike ride. If we have enough volunteers, I will ask the Park Service if we can park on the side of the road since there is only room for 10-15 cars (including folks who may not be there for the cleanup). There are many tires at this site, as well as assorted trash that has been dumped over the years. The site was mentioned as a dumping area in Mike High's book The C and O Canal companion, which was published a couple of decades ago.. If you get to the mouth of Antietam creek or Shepherdstown, you went too far. Volunteers can also bike North from Dargan's Bend, a river and towpath access point a couple of miles south of Mt. Lock, which has bathrooms and a large parking area, or bike south from access points across the river from Shepherdstown around milepost 70, which have bathrooms and more parking.

Watershed Middle Potomac
Sub Watershed

Parking Capacity: 15

Restrooms are NOT available.

This site is NOT suitable for children under seven.

This site is suitable for the elderly.

This site is NOT suitable for the disabled.

Notes & Special Issues

Limited parking but Park Service may let us park in an area near lockhouse near mile 67 on the towpath. There is a lot of trash/tires that have historically been dumped from Limekiln rd onto the hill overlooking what was the canal, approx. 1 mile North of the parking area. Getting the trash/tires will require going into the canal, which is dry at that point and if we have sufficient numbers of volunteers, "chaining" the debris by hand to the towpath for removal. This is not an easy cleanup site. I would encourage all ages/ability levels to come, but again this is not an easy site for cleanup. This site was indicated in Mike High's C and O Canal Companion as an area that's been subject to dumping.

Contact Mark Littman 301 -922-2459


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This site is open to the public

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Maximum Volunteers: 25

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mark littman

301 9222459




Please bring boots if you have them and your own lunch. We'll supply water, gloves and bags. If you have a wheelbarrow it might be useful.